Thread Rejuvenation

What is thread rejuvenation?

The thread we use is protein extracted and refined from ginseng, cubilose and a special plant, so it is 100% natural. Thread rejuvenation supports your body’s regeneration function, and promotes the collagen bundles to grow surrounding the thread. It gives you a chance to look more beautiful naturally without cosmetic surgery and without any visible scars.

How does the thread work?

When the natural plant thread is embedded into the body and encounters the body fluid, it changes to be heliciform. The fibroblasts will assemble near the heliciform automatically and strain the surrounding tissue, so as to lift and strain the skin, and may reduce the wrinkles.

The mysterious heliciform is universally acknowledged and metaphorised to be the most mysterious gemstone in the science crown. In the thick environment of cells, the long molecular chain is always shaped as regular heliciform. This phenomenon can not only make the biochemical information bond together tightly, but also form a surface allowing other particles to connect to it. The natural plant thread carries out this kind of ‘heliciform effect’, so it has amazing beautifying effect. We use the natural plant thread to do implant acupuncture to stimulate the acupoints and local skin, so as to achieve the goals of nourishing the skin, beautifying the appearance and treating facial skin problems. It has a wide range of indications and it is convenient and safe with no side effect or scars.

When do you need thread rejuvenation?

Thread rejuvenation may be effective in the treatment of loose facial skin, reduce wrinkles, forehead lines, glabellar lines, nasolabial folds, crow’s-feet and neck lines, sagging corners of the mouth, flabby and sagging cheeks and low jaw, double chin, butterfly shaped upper arm, and postpartum flabby belly skin, the flabby hip, inner thigh and lateral thigh muscle.

What is the procedure?

Lulu will use the fine thread to make a tiny notch along the wrinkle to create a stable support under the wrinkle. After the thread is well placed, the tissue around it may generate collagen bundles surrounding it to fill the wrinkle gradually and continuously. The whole procedure takes about 1 hour, and the exact time depends on your individual condition.

HHow often do I need to do it?

Once the natural plant thread is positioned into the body, it will produce long-lasting regeneration effect for up to 2-4 weeks to reduce the wrinkle. Generally, just one single thread rejuvenation procedure can achieve a considerable cosmetic effect. However, it depends on your individual condition such as the amount and depth of the wrinkles.