After suffering for 18 months with daily chronic headaches and an unsuccessful suicide attempt I was lovingly forced to come and see Lulu. My consultation was excruciatingly painful to say the least. I was in tears from the minute Lulu laid a finger on me! Lulu however persisted with the first treatment and all that was going through my mind was I’m never coming back this is just to painful. I came out of the first treatment, however, with snot and tears running down my face and felt better than I had done in 18 months

I was subsequently booked in for another 20 sessions with Lulu by my husband and brother. I didn’t know how I was going to get through another one let alone 20! The next 5 sessions were pure hell! I would however walk out of each one feeling so much better that the pain at the beginning of every session was totally worth it. I am now on session 15 and cannot believe the difference in myself, not only have I been Headache FREE, but my overall health has improved tremendously ! Lulu is the most amazing person and acupuncturist Ever.

Lulu has cared for me holistically she has improved my will to live and I am still shocked that I do not suffer daily headaches anymore. I have suffered with poor eating habits my Entire life, and I now surprisingly have Hunger pains! I don’t ever remember a time in my life having hunger pains, it’s bloody amazing! To put it bluntly….. Lulu you have saved my life and my marriage! I don’t know where to begin to thank you as words are not enough! You are incredible Lulu.


Hoping to lose some weight I first visited Lulu’s acupuncture practice for weight loss implants three years ago for what I thought will be one visit. There is so much more to Lulu’s practice than her signature acupuncture implants; life style change tips, personalised eating regime education, traditional acupuncture, amazing facials and much more. Finally I found a health practitioner who genuinely cares about my health and with whom I feel at ease chatting about any of my health problems.

After my first visit to Lulu’s practice I have been a regular ever since. The Meridian Massages that I get regularly have been a life saver for my spine problems and body aches. Lulu’s masseuse, Vicky knows every inch of my body and is the best masseuse I have ever met.

I had my last implants two weeks ago and here are some of the amazing results that Lulu helped me achieve:

-All excess water which my body was retaining thus making me feel bloated and heavy have seemed to disappear almost immediately.

-My appetite is suppressed and the cravings for chocolate and sweet things are suddenly gone.

-My energy came back. I feel a lot lighter – I can walk and run again without gasping for air.

-The constant pain I had in my lower back disappeared.

Thanks Lulu


I have battled with weight loss all my life, I have never been a ‘slim’ girl and as I got older and taller I began to just roll with the fact that maybe I was just meant to be ‘big’. I started my career as a health professional 3 years ago, and with debilitating shift work I put on 15kg. I was tired, grumpy, I hated going out and was requiring 20-30 minute power naps per day because I lacked so much energy. I started exercising in November 2013, and though it was great, the weight loss was ever so slow and I really hated exercising because I was lethargic and fatigued. After summer 2013 I thought enough was enough, I really wanted to get on top of my health problems so I jumped on google and started looking at natural interventions to help weight loss. I came across the ‘Lulu Acupuncture’ website, and read about implant acupuncture for weight loss and I thought ‘what have I got to lose’?

I booked a consultation with Lulu at the end of Jan 2014 and I was mind blown at how many things I was doing wrong. My diet, my work life and my perceptions on ways to lose weight were all wrong. My consultation was very personal to me, and I learnt heaps about the concept of ‘Qi’ and its role in maintaining healthy body functions. To date I am 178cm tall, I have lost 12kg (Nov 2013 90.8kg – Aug 2014 79kg) – in between this I have done personal training and weight work so I have put on muscle, I am toned and I have a waist (something I’ve never had before). I was put on a special diet which was maintainable and the complete opposite of what I thought was good for me – initially I thought ‘I doubt I’m going to lose weight like this’, but believe it or not I did, and I lost it fast. My clothes fell of me and my work uniform no longer fitted me. My work colleagues couldn’t believe I lost so much weight quickly, and the best thing was I felt really energetic & lively.

The best thing I have got out of this journey is the special friendship with Lulu and Vicky who are experts in what they do. They are extremely welcoming and without a doubt are there for you throughout the whole process. I’m an extremely happy person and I love exercising because I have so much energy that I can bring myself to do it. I recommend implant acupuncture to anybody wanting to lose weight – like me, it’s a choice that will be life changing and you won’t regret it.


I suffer extreme, debilitating and chronic pain from Gout attacks which leave me bed-ridden, consuming steroids, pain killers and sleeping tablets because of how horrible the pain is when I am on my feet. To even walk is an effort, I cannot put my foot flat on the ground and the crutches are always handy because it makes life easy to get around.

I’ve seen a GP in regards to my gout and the only solution they have is to give me extremely high doses of pain-killers, load me up on steroids and knock me out with sleeping tablets so it masks all the pain. It’s a ‘revolving door’ type of condition, and my health problems are exacerbated my how many different medications I am on. I’m 54 with 3 beautiful children who I love to get outdoors with, and spend time with. Unfortunately when I have a gout attacks the pain hinders my ability to even sit at a café and have lunch with them.

Last week 11 August 2014, I had the worst gout attack in my history of attacks. I was at home with my daughter who couldn’t cope with seeing how much pain I was in, and because she uses acupuncture regularly she recommended we go and speak with Lulu & start acupuncture therapy.

During treatment fluid was coming through the pores of my ‘gout foot’ and I started to feel the pain ease off. Lulu discussed diet recommendations, and to come back for further acupuncture treatments to aid in prevention of further attacks. I have to say that even after 1 treatment I was impressed with how strong I felt straight after acupuncture. I walked into the clinic with crutches, as well as the assistance of my daughter. After treatment I walked out without my crutches, and minimal pain. I slept extremely well that night, and I am looking forward to seeing Lulu again for further acupuncture treatments.

Sara Rastagara – weight loss/pain acupuncture

First I booked an appointment to visit lulu for a free consultation I was immediately impressed with her knowledge and her fully booked appointments and testimonials. I decided the same day to try her best weight loss acupuncture she explain my diet plan after few minutes immediately I saw different with in two weeks I lost 5 kg it was amazing much lighter and full of energy I was so happy…I have no words to thank you dear lulu thank you so much you have done a amazing job to me and to my family you are such a lovely and kind person we really appreciate.

Betty Hannon – diabetes/weight loss

The moment I met Lulu, she made me feel very comfortable and explained the whole implant acupuncture procedure to me.From the next day my weight started to drop my sugar levels came down considerably and in 3 weeks time I had stopped taking insulin. I was ecstatic, just over the moon that I did not have to take insulin. When my doctors saw the results they could not believe it and said that in no time I will be on insulin again.

It’s been a year since I have had the implant acupuncture and I have lost 13 kgs and do not take insulin.

I thank Lulu & Vicky for taking care of me and still do.

Sandy Cook – pain acupuncture

She has an incredible ability to know exactly what you need and if you are not moving as she wants you to she never says “I’ll see you tomorrow” she says “back on the bed and I will keep working on you until you are moving better”.

You never feel rushed thru a treatment both Lulu and Vikki take time to make sure you are comfortable and are on your way to a faster recovery. Lulu has incredible compassion and is an amazing lady who looks at the whole person not just the injury.

I can completely recommend Lulu as I have had such Fast Amazing Success and she has definitely sped up my recovery.

Christine Beetham – Accident Injury treatment

In March this year I suffered a near fatal motorbike accident which resulted in 5 broken ribs, a punctured lung, and the removal of one kidney and my spleen. For months I went to physiotherapists to help with the extreme back pain I was suffering. These treatments eased the pain for a few days only. A month ago I visited Lulu. The results have been amazing with continuous relief from pain after the first treatment. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of treatment I received and the results.