Gua Sha Facial


Our Gua Sha facial treatment will make you beautiful on the inside and the outside!

Possible benefits of Gua Sha

  • ua sha promotes and restores cells, stimulates the cutaneous nerve endings and improves its transmission function. It also promotes the cell’s secretion, renewable and clean function, and accelerates the metabolite ejecting from the sweat pores.

  • Gua Sha may shrink the pores, tighten the skin, lift the facial muscles and remodel your face. It promotes the flow of qi, circulation, skin metabolism and expels the extra water and metabolite. So to make sure the skin is absorbing sufficient nutrients. Naturally your pores will shrink, your skin will be tightened, and your muscles will be lifted. As a result, the facial form will be more beautiful. All these happen naturally without any surgery.

  • Gua Sha supports the functioning of your Zang and Fu organs indirectly. There are nine meridians in the face. Therefore, by stimulating the facial meridians and facial acupoints, the qi is drawn into the meridians, and the meridians are connected with the organs. Thus Gua Sha can regulate the interior organs indirectly.