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Acne is a facial skin disease characterised by small pustules, from which white-oily pus can be squeezed out. It usually occurs on the face, and in a few cases on the chest and back, in both male and female youth.

Causes of acne

  • According to Chinese medicine, there are several reasons for acne.

  • Eating too much greasy food leads to the stagnation of damp heat in the spleen and stomach, which steams the face, causing acne.

  • Lung Meridian is accumulated with heat and is invaded by pathogenic wind. The wind and heat steam the face, hence the disease results.

  • Too much stress leads to qi stagnation of liver meridian. It transforms to heat and then invades the face as acne.

  • The hot body is suddenly exposed to cold or soaked in cold water, so the blood and heat are coagulated on the head and face, bringing on acne.

Types of acne

  • Stagnated heat of lung meridian – Main manifestations are acne region red and swollen, accompanied with pain and itch, thirsty, red tongue tip with yellow thin coating, rapid pulse.

  • Damp-heat in spleen and stomach – Main manifestations are continuously occurring acne, accompanied with Ozostomia, bitter taste, sticky stool, red tongue with yellow thick coating, rolling and rapid pulse.

  • Stagnation of liver qi – Main manifestations are acnes around the sides of cheek or sometimes even the neck and chest, accompanied with breast distending pain, irritable, red tongue with yellow thin coating, tense and rapid pulse.

Aiding the treatment of acne

We select appropriate acupoints and use techniques to promote the elimination the excess heat and the toxicity in the body. This also regulates the liver qi so it flows smoothly. We also use cosmetic needles to do acupuncture in the local area around the acnes to heal them quickly and reduce their visible symptoms.

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