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Do you want to lose weight quickly? Are you seeking relief from a chronic disease? Do you simply want to feel your best?

Talk to us about specialised treatment to alleviate these conditions! Our experienced and caring staff are masters at the arts of acupuncture, massage and beauty therapy. Depending on your requirements, whether it’s for illness, back pain or for cosmetic weight loss, we can tailor a programme to suit you.

In testament to our talent at healing we are ACC providers


Acupuncture can offer support for weight loss and chronic pain relief. We are specialists at Ba Gua acupuncture and are ACC treatment providers.

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We are experts in a variety of massages from 12 meridian massage to TCM therapeutic massage, essential oil massage and foot spa reflexology.

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We’re experts at a variety of beauty treatments from Gua Sha or luxury empire facials to TCM plastic surgery, cosmetic acupuncture and thread rejuvenation.

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